DeAngelo throws a stick at Marchand to cap off fiery Game 4

DeAngelo throws a stick at Marchand to cap off fiery Game 4

The two star parasites went at it throughout Game 4, culminating with DeAngelo’s wild stick throw as Marchand scored his 5th point of the day. (Photo via Twitter/Sportsnet)

The first-round series between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes gets dramatic, and of course, that narrative develops around each team’s most polarizing players.

In the dying seconds of Game 4 as Bruins winger Brad Marchand came in on his own to score the goal into an empty net to secure the 5-2 victory, Carolina defenseman Tony DeAngelo’s stick was thrown unexpectedly towards him – either in a half-baked effort to try and stop the inevitable goal, out of sheer frustration, or to kick the Bruins star’s legs out.

The action is certainly subject to interpretation:

DeAngelo is known for throwing occasional tantrums on and off the ice, so much so that he was eventually bought out by Rangers after starting a fight with then-teammate Alex Georgiev in the tunnel following a loss against Pittsburgh in January 2021.

Eventually, the Hurricanes decided to sign the maligned, but offensively gifted defenseman to a cheap one-year contract. And while they reaped the on-ice benefits of signing a player known for having a bad attitude, they might be slightly embarrassed about it after he had a tantrum on Sunday.

Earlier in the game – one in which the two super-ravagers went at it all day – Marchand responded to DeAngelo by twittering the size of his nose as he seemingly reminded the Hurricanes defender of some of his past transgressions.

In addition to being a notable defender of Donald Trump — so much so that he decided to quit Twitter and Instagram when the former president was kicked off those platforms — DeAngelo was also once suspended from the Hockey League. Ontario for eight games after calling his teammate. an insult. It was the second time this season that he was suspended for saying something offensive.

Whether Marchand acknowledges these 2014 events, or simply assumes that someone spouting so much vile hate during his time on Twitter has racist tendencies, is still unknown. But, he certainly won’t let anyone know exactly what he said.

After the match, when asked about the altercation, Marchand told the media that he was “just saying hello” and asking how her mother’s day was.

We’re lucky to have at least two more games between these clubs, as the Bruins’ 5-2 win tied the series at two. It continues Tuesday evening.

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