Antoine Davis set to announce May 9 - Where is BYU going?

Antoine Davis set to announce May 9 – Where is BYU going?

BYU is in pursuit of Antoine Davis, one of college basketball’s all-time leading scorers. Davis announced Thursday that he would make his decision on Monday, May 9.

Davis made official visits to Maryland, Georgetown, Kansas State and BYU in that order. These are his final schools with his return to Detroit Mercy.

Davis has spent the past four seasons at Detroit Mercy under his father Mike Davis. In four seasons in Detroit, he averaged 24.6 points and 4.3 assists on 41% shooting on the ground and 36% on three. He has four games with 40+ points in his career, including a career-high 48 points. He’s No. 22 on the all-time college basketball run-scoring list and could be No. 2 after this season behind only Pete Maravich.

If you want to read into things and drive yourself crazy trying to interpret what the middle schoolers’ tweets mean, you can watch Antoine capitalize on the M and D in his “Monday” tweet – is he referring to Maryland? Will he return to play for his father Mike Davis in Detroit? What does it mean?! Honestly, this probably doesn’t mean anything and he just decided to capitalize the D.

Based on what I’ve heard from sources and my own interpretation, I think the most likely destinations are Kansas State, BYU, or a return to Detroit. Kansas State has been considered the favorite for weeks, and I’d probably give them the edge again today. Antoine has a long-standing relationship with the Wildcats coaching staff and loved his visit to Manhattan a few weeks ago. However, I don’t consider them the slam dunk I thought they were two weeks ago.

Davis visited BYU from April 28 to April 30, and sources tell me the visit went very well and BYU was more confident in their chances after the visit. Antoine was accompanied by his brother, who was with Antoine on other visits, and both his brother and dad really like what BYU has to offer. Antoine would be given the keys to BYU’s offense and could combine some of the isolation things he does so well with Mark Pope’s pistol offense. BYU is pursuing transfer guard Rudi Williams, but that’s not stopping BYU’s pursuit of Davis or their chances of landing either player — the two players could start together in BYU’s backcourt.

Maryland just landed a ball-centric transfer guard in Jahmir Young, so I’m having trouble seeing them, and there’s just been no buzz for Georgetown. 247 Sports analyst Eric Bosse wrote, “heading into the weekend, Kansas State and BYU are getting the most buzz (for Antoine)”.

Davis still has a year of eligibility left and will be a huge addition to the next school he lands. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on exactly where Antoine will land, but I won’t be surprised if he chooses BYU, Kansas State, or returns to Detroit. Maybe he’ll surprise us all and choose a school that isn’t in his Final Five. We should know for sure on Monday.

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